Why I check the little default box for sculpture.

I see myself as a Visual Artist who loves to build objects. My work process began as, and continues to be a two-dimensional derivative. The end product is still an object irrespective of the medium.

Surroundings and Detours are two ongoing projects that allow me to investigate furniture as a medium. The process has established a platform that challenges my intellectual properties, material specificity, and growth as a studio artist.
Surroundings is a direct response to the environment through the metaphors of time. Working with specific genus trees and utilitarian furniture parts, the work suggests notions of underlying apathy, or disconcerting languor for ecological stewardship. The objects are further transformed through new technologies and materials to increase scale, decrease weight and create dynamic forms.

Familiarture, the precursor to the developing Surroundings, was more linear and architectural in comparison. Focusing on human gestures, the viewer was presented with furniture-inspired objects that carried a deeply personal narrative.

Through Detours, I am exploring an appropriate substitute for tapestries that can be used as a medium to create new, more subtle, and organic forms. The investigation in textiles–both new and pre-existing–has awoken the possibility of my work existing as a social commentary or personal exploration, tinged with a darker, more ironic humor that focuses more on specificity, as opposed to nostalgia or narrative.

Currently, the studio mostly consists of 2-D design work; including large drawings and plans for new sculptures, architectural concepts and models, tree-house construction documents,  proposals for outdoor public work and competitions, landscapes, site-specific projects and endless piles of intrigue for future collage work.