Artist Statement

Through the comfortable format of furniture, I present concepts of metamorphosis, change and subversion with self. I create custom works that embrace change and present possibilities for adaptation to new, unfamiliar environments and situations. These metamorphic forms deconstruct the functional object to establish a foundation to recall past memories, stories and uncanny events. Through my reconstructed objects I reference a vocabulary of furniture; the removal of the functional aspects subverts the viewer’s expectations and provokes new interpretations. I use the gallery as a platform to present an imagined environment of familiar upholstered objects with an unfamiliar twist… I call this work Familiarture.

( n. 1. well known, commonly seen or heard, and easily recognized   2. with a thorough knowledge and good understanding of furniture 3. in or characteristic of a close personal relationship with furniture 4. unduly friendly or intimate in a way that is seen as presumptuous or impertinent (dated) 5. the movable items such as chairs, tables, or cabinets in an area such as a room or patio 6. part(s) of furniture assembled together or mounted to wall 7. upholstered form(s)


Solo Exhibition Record
2018 ‘Refuge’, Brattleboro Museum of Art, Brattleboro, VT June
2018  ‘Displaced’ The Bank Gallery, Rutland, VT January
2016  ‘Escape’ Gallery II, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT, February
2012  ‘Un-Rest’ Atrium Gallery, Union College, Schenectady, NY, September
2008  ‘Staples, Fables and Failed Systems’, Red Mill Gallery, Johnson, VT, November
2008  ‘Spaces Real and Imagined’, Acadiana Center for the Arts, Lafayette, LA, Aug-Oct
2007  ‘Un-Familiarture’, Red Mill Gallery, Johnson, VT, August
2005  ‘Familiarture’, Sean Christopher Gallery, Columbus, OH, September
2005  ‘Landscapes’, Sean Christopher Gallery, Columbus, OH, August
2004  ‘Utility Sinks’, Sean Christopher Gallery, Columbus, OH, October

Two Person Exhibition Record
2011  Arnold and Fried, Invitational, Helen Day Art Center, Stowe, VT, January
2010  Arnold and Baldwin, Juried Exhibition, SPA Gallery, Barre, VT, June
2010 Arnold and Savoor, ‘Surroundings’, Installation, The Front, New Orleans, LA, February
2006 Arnold and Youngs, MCE Curator, The Ohio Art League Gallery, Columbus, OH, April
2005 Arnold and Kennaugh, Juried Exhibition, Roy G Biv Gallery, Columbus, OH, November
2005 Arnold and De-La Rosa, MFA Exhibition, Hopkins Gallery, Ohio State, Columbus, OH, May

Group Exhibition Record
2018 Artists to Watch 2018, Spotlight Gallery, Montpelier VT May
2017  ‘Refuge’, Invitational,Kent Museum, Kent Corners, VT, October
2016  ‘A Journey Across Boundaries’, Chandler Art Gallery, Chandler Center for the Arts, Randolph, VT, June
Curated by Angelo Arnold and Gowri Savoor
2015 ‘Of Land and Local’, Juried, Burlington City Arts at Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, VT, October
2013  ‘Seat’s Taken’, Invitational, BCA Gallery, Burlington, VT, January
2012  ‘Reinterpreting the Decorative Arts’, Invitational, Ridderhof Martin Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA, August
2012  ‘Exposed’ Helen Day Art Center, Stowe, VT, July
2012  ‘Open House’, Winooski Pop-Up Gallery District, Winooski, VT, June
2012  The Art of the Chair, Juried, Chandler Gallery, Randolph, VT, February
2012  Weathering it Out, Juried, Studio Place Arts Gallery, Barre, VT, January
2011  ‘Of House and Home’, Juried Exhibition, The Whole Gallery, Baltimore, MD, February
2010  ‘Norwich Faculty Exhibition’ Chaplin Hall Gallery, NU, Northfield, VT, March
2010  ‘Anonymous Drawings’, Uferhallen, Berlin, Germany, December
2010  ‘Form and Function’, Gallery 516 Arts, Albuquerque, NM, February
2009  ‘Anonymous Drawings #10’, Juried Exhibition, Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
2009  ‘Functionless Form, Functional Decor’, School 33 Art Center, Baltimore, MD, November.
Curated by Philippa P.B. Hughes
2009  ‘Salvage’, National Juried Exhibition, Phillips Museum of Art, Lancaster, PA Sep
2009  ‘Working it Out’, Juried Exhibition, Studio Arts Space, Barre, VT, August
2009  ‘SculptCycle 2009’, Outdoor Juried Exhibition, Downtown Montpelier VT, June
2009  ‘Inspired Stories’, Juried Exhibition, Sullivan Museum, Norwich University, VT, May
2008  ‘Habitat’, Invitational, Rosenberg Gallery, Goucher College, Baltimore, MD. November Participating artists include, Christopher La Voie, Jackson Martin, Sebastian Martorana, Rachel Bone, Alyssa Dennis, Robert Sparrow Jones, James Rieck and Eddie Winter. Curator, Laura Amussen
2008 ‘Johnson Works’, Outdoor Juried Exhibition, Main Street Johnson, VT, September
2008 ‘Exposed’, Outdoor Juried Exhibition, Stowe, VT, July-October
2008 ‘Metaphor Minds’, Invitational, Julian Scott Memorial Gallery, Johnson State College, VT, May. Participating artists include Sachiko Akiyama,
Gowri Savoor,  Ed Smith, Gerard Haggerty and Denis Versweyveld. Curator, Leila Bandar
2008  ‘In The Zone II’, Juried Exhibition, Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, VT April-Aug.  Juror: Denise Markonish, Curator, Mass MoCA
2007  ‘Exposed’, Outdoor Juried Exhibition, Stowe, VT, July-October
2007  ‘Capital Art Show’, Invitational, Greenwich Gallery, Cincinnati, OH, May
2007  ‘Art Works from VSC’, Group, Dibden Gallery, Johnson State College, Johnson VT, February
2007  ‘Iron Et Cetera’, Invitational, Ironton Studios and Gallery, Denver, CO January
2007  ‘Towering’, Curator, Red Mill Gallery, Johnson, VT January
2006  ‘VSC Waterfall Group’, Invitational, Curator, Mahan Gallery, Columbus, OH, December
2006  ‘Ohio Art League Spring Juried Exhibition’, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus OH, May. Juror: Claudine Ise`, Assistant Curator, Wexner Center
2005  ‘Ohio Art League Fall Juried Exhibition’, Fort Hayes Shot Gallery, Columbus, OH, November. Juror: Joe Houston, Curator, Columbus Museum of Art
2005  Upper Arlington Cultural Arts Center 3-D, Invitational, Upper Arlington, OH, June
2005 ‘Waterfall Group Exhibition’, Church St. Studio, Johnson, VT, June
2005 ‘OSU-VCU Exchange Exhibition’, Flat International Gallery, Richmond VA, April
2005  ‘Graduate Student Exhibition’, Hopkins Gallery, The Ohio State University, February
2004  ‘Works on Paper’, Group Exhibition, Progresso Gallery, Progresso, Mexico, December
2005  ‘One Night Only’, Group Exhibition BLD Gallery, Columbus, OH, November
2005  ‘Graduate Student Exhibition’, Hopkins Gallery, The Ohio State University, February
2003  ‘Wall Space’, Group Exhibition, Warehouse Café, Columbus, OH, May
2003  ‘Summit’, Juried Group Exhibition, N. Howard St. Gallery, Akron, OH, August
2002  ‘BFA Exhibition’, 500 W. Nationwide Blvd, Columbus, OH March
2001  ‘Sometimes’, Group Exhibition, Skylab Gallery, Columbus, OH June
1998  ‘Greatest Moments’, Group, Works on Paper, Sports Rooters, Columbus, OH, April
1996  ‘Light and Video Student Exhibition’, Hopkins Gallery, The Ohio State University, May
1993  ‘Undergraduate Juried Exhibition’, Hopkins Gallery, The Ohio State University, April
1993  ‘FMG’, Group Exhibition, Exposures Gallery, The Ohio State University, February
1993  ‘White Maple’, Public Works Commission, Ohio Union, The Ohio State University, January
1992  ‘Ohio Art League Environment Show’, Juried Group Exhibition, Fort Hayes, Columbus, OH, Oct.
1992  ‘FMG 7’, Group Exhibition, Hopkins Gallery, The Ohio State University, May
1992  ‘Fergus Gilmore Scholarship Exhibition’, Hopkins Gallery, The Ohio State University, February
1992  ‘Sculpture 7’, Group Exhibition, Exposures Gallery, The Ohio State University, January
1991  ‘Paper Airplane,’ Student Outdoor Exhibition, The Wexner Center, The Ohio Sate University, June

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Grants/Awards/Commission/Lecture/ Professional
2017 Governor’s Institute Design-Build Instructor, Norwich University, Northfield, VT
2015 BCA Residency, Of Land and Local, BCA/VT State Parks Project, Shelburne Farms, VT
2014 Vermont Arts Council Grant, Waterbury Community Arts Project, Waterbury, VT
2014 CEA Grant, Norwich University, Waterbury Community Arts Project, Northfield, VT
2012  Visiting Artist Lecture, Union College, Schenectady, NY
2011  Visiting Artist Lecture, Plymouth University, Plymouth, NH
2011 Vermont Arts Council Grant, Waterbury Community Arts Project, Waterbury, VT
2010  Artist/Mentor, River of Light Community Lantern Procession Arts Project, Waterbury, VT
2010  Faculty Development Grant, Norwich University, Northfield, VT
2010  Mentoring Award, Em_barc Project, Norwich University, Northfield, VT
2009  Artist Resource Trust (A.R.T.) Grant, Berkshire Taconic Trust Fund, MA
2009  Board Member, T.W. Wood Gallery, Montpelier, Vermont
2008  Artist Award Nomination, American Academy of Arts and Letters, NY, October
2008  Visiting Artist Lecture, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA, September
2008  Building and Equipment Grant, The Vermont Studio Center Sculpture Program, March
2007  CEC ARTSLink, NY, Grant Finalist, Furniture For Nomad, Kyrgyzstan, July
2006  Dick Blick Craft Award, Ohio Art League, Spring Juried Show, May
2006  Full Fellowship, Artist Residency, Vermont Studio Center, July
2005  Full Fellowship, Artist Residency, Vermont Studio Center, June
2005  Travel Grant, Fergus Gilmore, The Ohio State University, May
2005  Lecture Series, Greater Columbus Arts Council, Cultural Center, May
2005  Material Grant, Fergus Gilmore, The Ohio State University, March
2005  Teaching Assistant, The Ohio State University, September-June
2004  Visiting Artist Lecture, The Ohio State University, March
1998  Activities Grant, Greater Columbus Arts Council, CAP Program, October
1992  Commission, Tree Sculpture, The Ohio State University, June
1992  Visual Arts Scholarship, Fergus Gilmore, The Ohio State University, February

Current  Full Time Specialist Instructor, Norwich University, Architecture and Art, Northfield VT

2009 -13  Adjunct Professor, (2/3 Load) Norwich University, Architecture and Art, Northfield, VT:

– AP 534 Advanced Sculpture: This course will critically discuss and analyze the process of creating sculpture without structure, develop strategies for conceptual art and establish a platform to be specific with content, material and site. Studio projects will emphasize data and installation as sculpture.

– AP 534 Furniture Seminar… Conceptual Furniture Design: This course focuses on developing student awareness for conceptual solutions with research, drawing, photography, software and design/build.

– EM_BARC…Cross Disciplinary Student Internship: Safety and Site Mentor/Manager for NU Student Summer Internship. Students designed and built a solar powered mobile research lab from a steel-shipping container.

– Art 104 Visual Design: Introduction to the basic principles and techniques of visual design. Emphasis is placed on relationships of figure/ ground, rhythm/ repetition, unity/ variety, scale/ proportion, texture, color theory and vocabulary.

– AP 534 Process Seminar: Sculpture. This seminar will critically examine the process and content of making contemporary sculpture. Emphasis will be placed on sculpture genre, history and object making with studio projects.

– AP 221 Site Analysis: This course covers theoretical, site planning issues, analysis and site design topics. Lecture, discussion and studio projects will focus on the broad issues of land use, roadways, parking lots, hydrology, ecology and sustainability.

– AP 118 Fundamentals of Architecture II: A continuation of the introduction to the fundamental processes and technologies that constitute the discipline of spatial design

2007-08       Sculpture Technician: The Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT
Responsibilities include managing the budget and operation of the Vermont Studio Center Sculpture Program. Maintain the tools, equipment and facility. Liaison to Visiting Artists presentations, lectures and studio visits with residents. Serve as a daily mentor to international and emerging artists for projects or research. Worked closely with the Johnson State College MFA students as an advisor, mentor and critic.

2006-07     Development Assistant, The Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT
Responsibilities included: Fellowship Coordinator, Grant Research, Fund Raising, Stewardship, Photographer and Liaison for International Artists.

2005     Instructor of Record, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, Spring Quarter
Art 207: Introduction to Three Dimensions: This course is designed to increase the students’ art and design vocabulary within the discussion of formal issues found in the context of 3-Dimensional work. It is an introduction to various materials and building processes involving proportion, material structure and craftsmanship.

2005     Teaching Assistant, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, Winter Quarter
Art 307: Beginning Sculpture: This course is an introduction to the art and craft of making sculpture and how ideas, emotions, and concepts are expressed through 3-Dimensional form. Assignments are geared to address concerns of line, form, volume, and space, and reflect a variety of traditional and non-traditional approaches to sculpture using wood, wire, and plaster as the primary media.

2004     Instructor of Record, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, Autumn Quarter
Visiting Lecturer, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, Spring Quarter
Art 207: Introduction to Three Dimensions

2003     Preparatory Staff/Gallery Assistant
Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Oh.
Hopkins Gallery, The Ohio State University

1998     Sculpture Instructor
The Greater Columbus Arts Council, Creative Arts Program
This technical wood carving course explored how to relief and subtract wood with razor blades, chisels and saws according to contemporary art disciplines and vocabulary.

2006         MFA Studio Art, Sculpture, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
2002         BFA, Sculpture, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
1990-93    Studio Art, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
1986-89    Landscape Architecture, The Ohio State University, Columbus OH


Angelo Arnold. Background portrait by Rodel Tapaya